Temperature controlled & non air conditioned warehouses are available on request with racked and open space storage facility. As shipments are received into our facility, we inspect cartons for damage, report claims on damaged goods with the carrier, and implement inventory control measures. With our Purchase Order Verification Program, you will have ample time to notify suppliers of shorted, damaged or late shipments. This provides time to rectify a potential problem before it becomes a problem for you.
You only make one phone call. You only receive one storage invoice monthly and your store fixtures and equipment have been received, inspected, stored and delivered in good order. Everything is right there when you want it.

Multiple shipments are received directly from individual vendors to our designated warehouse or direct to site. Inventory received from suppliers is tracked and updated on our system.

We select a local warehouse to receive all items that cannot go directly to the site. Warehouses are close to the hotel installation site and will receive designated items into an active inventory. As shipments arrive at our facilities, we compare the merchandise with your purchase order/equipment list. The warehouse will use its warehouse management system to track the exact location of every item entering the facility. Our Warehousing and Distribution Service, when coupled with our installation services, provide a seamless method for maintaining and deploying your assets.

Local Delivery from Warehouse
Marsmint & Freeman offers transportation to the install site with a variety of truck and moving equipment available for items. Marsmint & Freeman’s efficient and proactive employees direct the efforts of the warehouse. The Site Manager will call for items as needed to maximize the efficiency of the hotel installation process.

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